IQ EQ Fund Management (Ireland) Limited is an active asset management company with a distinctive quality-based approach to investing across equities and fixed income. We apply a sophisticated, proprietary definition of quality and integrate ESG continually through our investment process. Our segregated mandates and commingled funds follow a quantamental approach that combines the freedom of judgement of fundamental investing with the bias-free objectivity of a quantitative model.

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Tailored Solutions
We specialise in offering segregated mandates that are designed to meet your specific needs. 

Our asset management investment philosophy is founded on quality. Our research shows that quality is a more consistent indicator of long-term performance than either growth or value. Our proprietary measure of quality has outperformed the MSCI World Quality index over a 20-year period*.

ESG Research and Integration
We see ESG research as a vital non-financial input to our investment process. It helps to highlight risks and opportunities that typically do not appear in a company’s financial statements. We offer clients exclusionary, quantitative and thematic ESG investment Solutions. Learn more about our Responsible Investment Approach and our latest Proxy Voting Record.

Each of our investment strategies follows a quantamental approach. By combining the strengths of both fundamental and quantitative techniques, we seek to provide clients with the best of both investing worlds.

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