I want to preserve and grow my wealth for future generations

Leaving a lasting legacy is important. Increasing globalisation has led to increasing complexity but you and your family still want the same simple thing – peace of mind.

You want to feel confident that your assets, both personal and business, are protected, safeguarding your investments now and for the next generation of your family. 

Moreover, you want to know that the structure being used is fully compliant. Providing that reassurance requires scale and depth of knowledge.  IQ-EQ will work with you to identify clear objectives for the future and drawing up a well-defined succession plan to make the process as smooth as possible.

Succession planning

We understand that every family is different, we can support your succession plans on an international scale. We work with you and your advisers to ensure that the transfer is not only effective and efficient but also the best fit for your successors and the future needs of their families.

Learn more about how our know how can support you and your family’s future.

Commercial assets

Whatever your family business – retail, technology, commercial real estate – you want it to grow and prosper.

Learn more about how our know how can support your family’s commercial assets.

Alternative Assets

The well-established alternative asset classes of real estate and private equity are popular long-term investment choices.  Whatever motivates your investment choices, we use our experience for your benefit.

Luxury Assets

Your interest in owning a yacht, aircraft, classic car or art may be to fulfil a personal passion, expand your investment portfolio or meet a business need. Whatever your motivation, the implementation of ownership structures for these Luxury assets should benefit you and your family. 

Learn more about how our know how can support your family’s luxury assets.

Regulatory and tax compliance

With the increasing demands required globally by the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI), comes various compliance, reporting and tax obligations. It can be hard to keep up with all the global standards, compliance obligations and reporting deadlines. We ensure you meet your corporate regulatory and compliance obligations.

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