Our Jersey office has welcomed the fourth year of Discovery Trainees as they are eased into the working world.

We welcome Lucy, Jess and Ben  to the Jersey office as they embark on their career here at IQ-EQ.

They were thrown in at the deep end during their Induction week which had them doing activities from decorating cupcakes and cookies to then sell around the office, to the not so glamourous  painting of the bat enclosure at the zoo!

The Discovery Trainees were joined with two new Trainees Reuben and Haydyn who have recently joined IQ EQ and were a part of this year’s induction week. They jumped straight in on their first morning as they sold cookies and cupcakes to the whole office to raise money for The Grace Trust , this “pushed me way out of my comfort zone but I’m glad we did it because I feel it has given me a bit more confidence when it comes to meeting new people” said Reuben. This was Ben’s favourite part of the week as, “It was a good challenge to put me outside of my comfort zone and it was nice to be able to go around the office, meet the teams and get to know people. On top of that, we raised over £400 for charity which felt very rewarding"

They then went onto to receive presentations about the business and their roles within their time here. Lucy said “The business talks provided a lot of information on what IQ EQ is about as a business as well as the opportunities it provides and an overview of what each department involves”. This day also involved some team building exercises, the Trainees were tasked with many team-building exercises such as building a spaghetti tower to a group escape room! Which was enjoyed by all trainees, giving them a chance to bond as a team and get to know each other in an exciting way. Haydyn said, “I enjoyed the escape room most because it was something a bit different, and it made us all work really well together”.

Following on from the team building exercises, the group had a CRS day at Durrell Zoo, where they had to paint the Bat enclosure. All trainees thoroughly enjoyed this day, many of them stating it was their most enjoyed activity of the week! “The zoo activity was my favourite because it got us to work together as a team to get the task done. This allowed us to also build friendships while also doing the work.” Said Lucy.

This week allowed the trainees to learn a bit more about IQ-EQ, building relationships not only with each other but also around the office and settled them into the business. Each of our Trainees have commented on what they are most looking forward to during their time at IQ-EQ, Jess saying, “I am most looking forward to settling in with my team and feeling more confident completing tasks as the weeks go on.” And mentioned how IQ-EQ were “the most friendly and approachable people I spoke to when applying for jobs.” Reminding us of the EQ side of our business! While Haydyn is most looking forward to “getting more stuck in at my current role, having been here nearly 2 months, I want to improve at my role and start to take responsibility of clients.” And Reuben saying “I’m looking forward to kick-starting my career with IQ-EQ and seeing where things take me; all whilst meeting new and interesting people along the way!”

The Discovery students shared the reasons why they chose the program. Ben: “The discovery programme offers a great chance to move around the business and get a taste for different teams, working styles and build my network. IQEQ felt like a very friendly and open company during my application process and I felt like they would offer me a good opportunity to progress my career.”

Jess: “I was drawn to the programme because of the opportunity for me to discover which area I like best before committing to jumping in and taking exams straight away with other companies.”

Lucy: “I decided to apply for IQ EQ because I really liked the idea of the discovery programme which involves rotating between different departments of the company. I thought this would be beneficial for me, as I did not have a lot of knowledge on finance and what department I would like to pursue a career in. I am hoping to gain a lot of knowledge and experience in each department to help me decide which path is best suited for me in the future.”

We hope that the Discovery Students and our two new joiners Reuben and Haydyn go on to do as well in their job roles as they did in their induction week! And thank them for sharing their experience and thoughts on their start into the working world.