Meet Vimal


Here is Vimal's story...

I was offered the opportunity to work on a project with the team in Amsterdam. Within a month, my bags were packed and tickets booked!

IQ-EQ has grown quickly so there are a lot of opportunities to help with projects. My project was to help streamline the work process and the project was a great success. Initially there were a few communication barriers but we soon overcame them and it was all part of the experience.

The best parts were meeting new people, experiencing the Dutch culture and trying out new things. I also worked alongside people from Russia, Ireland, Syria, India and many more. My language skills were an advantage as I speak English, French and a continental language like Hindi, which really helped me connect with everyone.  

I tried many different types of Dutch food like stroopwafel, which is a cookie filled with caramel, Dutch herring, bitterballen, Dutch kroket, and drank a few local beers. Amsterdam has more bikes than cars so I hired a bike one weekend and rode across the city of Utrecth to explore, making it home safely with a little help from google maps! Amsterdam is so well connected; it gave me the opportunity to take a few short trips to Germany, Switzerland, Brussels, the UK and France.

One night my Mauritian colleagues and I hosted an evening party to share the vibe of the tropical island of Mauritius. We prepared traditional Mauritian food, Mauritian rum cocktails (they were very popular!) and performed a sega dance where everyone took part. For me it is the exchange of culture, which makes IQ-EQ even more special.

This opportunity has allowed me to learn new skills, make new friends and brush up on my language skills. This experience has given me more confidence and made me more independent. It has helped me to see new and different perspectives and I have developed personally just as much as I have professionally.

Overall, it was an amazing opportunity. My advice to anyone inside or outside of IQ-EQ, is if an opportunity pops up for you, seize it wholeheartedly, take the challenge, embrace the change and come back home with loads of amazing memories.

Vimal's Story