From Manila to Luxembourg

Why the world’s wealthy are choosing Luxembourg for private funds

Three colleagues from our Manila office will be spending a three-month secondment in our Luxembourg office.

Jan Emmet Telosa, Renz Bonsol and Christine Joy Perez are taking a three-month secondment to Luxembourg. We caught up with them to find out more about this exciting opportunity!

How did you start your career at IQ-EQ?

 Jan: Anne Michelle Diaz (one of the current Head of Delivery) referred me to IQ-EQ Philippines, and I’ve been happy here for six fruitful years.

Renz I joined IQ-EQ in December 2018 as an Accountancy graduate straight out of college. The company was introduced to me by one of my church mates.

Christine: After passing the CPA Board Examination, I really wanted to work in an accounting firm. Luckily, a friend introduced me IQ-EQ Philippines. I was curious, so I grabbed the opportunity to apply.

What role are you in?

Jan: My first role was Junior Accountant for 11 months, afterwards I was promoted to Accountant and had this role for almost four years until I was promoted to Senior Accountant last July.

Renz: In 2020 I got promoted as an Accountant and just last year I got my second promotion as a Senior Accountant. There’s real potential to start at the bottom and work your way up, with a growth-centric mindset.

Christine: I applied and joined the company in April 2017 as a Junior Accountant. Igot promoted to Accountant in April 2018, then to Senior Accountant in January 2020 and to Assistant Manager last July 2021.

How did the secondment come up?

Jan: I was referred by a colleague to be seconded in relation to entities that I work on.

Christine: This secondment really came to me unexpectedly. After my recent promotion, I was assigned to handle the first phase of Lux direct/migration clients with a team composed of newly hired members. In order to better serve and create a good relationship with the client, they have decided to select members who will go to Luxembourg on short-term assignments to cross train with our IQ-EQ Luxembourg colleagues and collaborate to understand more the client specifics and requirements.

What will you miss most about Manila?

Jan: The Filipino cuisine, the warm climate, my family and my girlfriend.

Renz: I will miss my family, but it wouldn’t be a big issue as the people in Luxembourg are very generous and altruistic.

Christine: I always start my day with our local coffee, that’s the very first thing that I will miss from Manila.

What are you looking forward to most in Luxembourg?

Jan:  I’m looking forward for more migration of our entities, attending training in IQ-EQ, maybe on the weekends to sightsee around the country or the city of Luxembourg.

Renz: I love learning new things, working with my hands, collaborating closely with colleagues to build something we can be proud of and that is something I’m looking forward to in IQ-EQ Luxembourg.

Christine: This will be my first time on a plane! I am excited to see the office and to see the amazingly beautiful places, experience the culture in Luxembourg.

Any words of advice for someone wanting to take a secondment?

Jan: Work hard as much as you can.

Renz: Just go above and beyond. Give your best work and then give some more – go the extra mile. Learn from others. Be self-driven and bounce back from criticisms and setbacks. Trust that in the circle of life, when you do good, your reward will come at the right time.

Christine: Have that “know how, know you” spirit as you develop and grow in work. When the right time comes and it says you’re ready, it will be yours! And for sure, it’s an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss!


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