Luxembourg goes green for International Earth Day

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In celebration of International Earth Day, our Luxembourg office have highlighted their dedication to supporting our environment and reducing our carbon footprint. As Luxembourg’s Green Thinking Ambassador, Dirk Morin looked back on their local green initiatives and shared some of their ideas.

Towards zero single-use plastics

One of our first concrete actions these past years was becoming an active member of IMS Luxembourg, Luxembourg’s leading network for Corporate Responsibility and signing their Zero Single-Use Plastic Manifesto, committing ourselves to reduce our use of non-reusable plastic to practically zero by the end of 2020. Thanks to our positive actions and to our investment in basic kitchenware, we managed to do away with 233,000 plastic cups, 108,000 plastic stirrers and over 10,000 plastic bottles per year!

In order to raise awareness about plastic consumption and its impact on our planet, IMS Luxembourg has set up an exhibition on plastic pollution, which is now available in a virtual format here. Go have a look, it is really interesting!

Reducing our carbon footprint: a collective action

We are constantly looking at new solutions that will contribute to reducing our global impact and our carbon footprint. This is why we are particularly keen on exploring new green mobility solutions.

The Luxembourg People Engagement Committee will soon be offering Luxembourg employees access to bikes and safety kits for them to borrow and use to move around Luxembourg, whether to go to a meeting nearby or during lunchtime, either to commute or for leisure.

The office will also be installing charging stations for electric cars to encourage employees to use electric or hybrid models and help us reduce our collective CO2 emissions.

Growing ideas/seeds

There are still a number of ideas which we are currently exploring with the local People Engagement Committee but we are convinced that the best ideas lie within our employees’ mind, which is why the Luxembourg office have launched an idea contest to collect the best green ideas for us to implement.

And because ideas are like seeds (they both need nurturing and our planet needs both), various bags of seeds have been made available around the office for International Earth Day for people to grow at home.

We hope both seeds and ideas will grow high!

Dirk Morin, Facilities & Business Center Manager, Luxembourg