Luxembourg celebrates Diversity Day

Luxembourg Diversity Day

On 20 May 2021, IQ-EQ Luxembourg celebrated Luxembourg’s Diversity Day. This initiative has been organised every year since 2015 to encourage companies and public organisations to act for diversity and inclusivity.

Our Luxembourg colleagues illustrated their mobilisation around three main initiatives.

Firstly, an internal webinar hosted by Luxembourg MD, Christian Heinen and HR Business Partner Nele Segers. Christian enshrined Diversity as a key value at IQ-EQ and reaffirmed our commitment towards Diversity & Inclusion. He also announced that IQ-EQ Luxembourg will be signing the Luxembourg Diversity Charter during the next official signature session in September. The Diversity Charter is a national commitment text, which guides and commits organizations in the implementation of practices that promote cohesion and social equity.

The second part of the webinar was presented by Nele who introduced the concept of unconscious bias and how they affect all of us and our interactions. Concrete examples were shared through several employee testimonials. The highlight of the event was the announcement of the creation of D&I taskforce composed of volunteer employees, whose role will be to act as a gatekeepers and creative thinkers when it comes to D&I initiatives.

The second initiative was launched earlier that week with the installation of a Diversity photo booth. During the whole week of the Diversity Day, our Luxembourg colleagues were invited to get their picture taken in front of a collaborative world map background, where everyone could write down or point out a special place where their heart lies or with which they have a special bond.

Fun fact: did you know that in our Luxembourg office alone are represented not less than 39 different nationalities? That is pretty unique, right? So, to celebrate this incredible diversity, our Luxembourg colleagues are creating the very first IQ-EQ cookbook by sharing recipes that are meaningful to them. Whether it is a recipe from their home country, or from a special place they love. Once finalised the recipes will be shared with all Luxembourg employees.

What a great way to learn about other colleagues’ culture!