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Ireland is a major centre for foreign direct investment. It attracts businesses from sectors such as ICT, life sciences, financial services, engineering and business services. Several of the world’s leading companies have established operations in the jurisdiction including 9 of the 10 top global companies in each of the software, pharma, and ICT sectors. IQ-EQ Funds has expanded into Ireland, primarily in response to client demand and the rising profile of Ireland as a world-leading funds domicile. It is also a leading location for a range of internationally traded financial services, including aircraft leasing. Ireland is a member of the European Union.

In 2020, Ireland amended its Investment Limited Partnerships Act 1994 to enhance the Irish Limited Partner structure. The revised Investment Limited Partnership (ILP) was designed by combining the best features of similar LP structures in other jurisdictions and enhancing them where possible as Ireland seeks to expand into private markets and position itself to take advantage of increasing demand for those asset types.

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In 2018, First Names Group took the first step on an exciting journey and became part of SGG Group. Now in 2019, we have taken the next step together and have rebranded to form IQ-EQ, one of the world’s leading investor services providers. Why not take a look around and see what our newly enlarged group can offer.

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