Seeking security in a time of uncertainty - IQ-EQ’s Guide to Trusts and Foundations

The impact of COVID-19 on real estate

Unprecedented’, ‘Uncertain’ and ‘Unpredictable’- are all words we could easily use to define the year that was 2020. At a time of such instability, protection and preservation of wealth, now and for subsequent generations, is certain to be top of mind for (ultra)-high-net-worth (U/HNW) families globally.

Over recent months we have seen increasing numbers of U/HNWs and their family offices turn their attention to tried-and-tested, yet advanced alternatives for asset preservation such as trusts and foundations and in response have produced our detailed Guide to Trusts and Foundations.

What does the Guide cover?

IQ-EQ’s Guide to Trusts and Foundations delves into the current state of the use of trusts and foundations by the world’s wealthy. This informative guide combines our own in-house sectoral expertise and insight from the most reputable jurisdictions worldwide to shape a critical discussion around the current trends sweeping the sector, as well as debate how the sector is set to evolve in the coming decades.

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