How our people grouped together to help during the coronavirus crisis

At IQ-EQ we believe in the power of our people. They are passionate about championing causes close to their hearts and making a difference and not even the outbreak of a global pandemic was enough to put them off track in fact made them more determined than ever to play their part and help make a difference! Over the last few months our teams have been busy reaching out to their local communities to see how they could help and offer their support.

Pulling together to help

Foodbanks have seen a significant increase in the demand for food and basic supplies since the outbreak of the virus which prompted our team in Curaçao to donate their Wednesday’s and Friday’s during July and August to prepare hundreds of food packages for distribution to those in need in their local community. 

Again, food was the recurring theme as our London and Belfast teams decided to donate their monthly milk and fruit budget to support their local foodbanks who provided nutritionally balanced emergency food to aid those in need in their respective communities.

IQ-EQ Belfast team's food bank donations

In The Philippines, our team raised money to help five local schools to buy essential supplies – including thermal scanners, hygiene kits They also supported the Philippine General Hospital, providing vital personal protective equipment (PPE) to their front-line workers to keep them safe while caring for COVID-19 patients.

IQ-EQ Philippines donate supplies for hospital

Traditionally, our Guernsey and Jersey offices gift Easter eggs to the teams but this year they wanted thank the unsung heroes in the healthcare sector and show their gratitude for their work during the crisis. Our Jersey team also delivered a crate of treats to the Jersey Woman’s Refuge and to Les Amis, a residential home for adults with learning difficulties. As a people business we know just how important it is to keep in touch and to maintain that face to face human contact so with this in mind our Guernsey team donated two iPads to their local hospital to keep family members connected to their loved ones while they were forced to be apart.   

Our Isle of Man team were equally active and made several donations to local charities – including the island’s local relief fund – to support the Island’s vulnerable residents during lockdown. Thanks to the teams support local charity, Housing Matters were able to purchase toiletry packs and kettle foods for the homeless. Another local charity, Live at Home, set up a freephone number so local residents were able to call if they were feeling overwhelmed or isolated during the pandemic.