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Open-ended funds

Open-ended funds require a reliable and timely fund accounting provider who performs one of the most integral operations of the fund, calculating the net asset value (NAV) at the close of business each day. This requires finding an administrator that has the size and scale to invest in technology and processes required. Be it an open-ended mutual fund or any other open-ended investment fund, we have a deep understanding of the funds industry and the broad range of asset classes and entity types involved in the setting up and administering open-ended funds. IQ-EQ funds and institutional services is a leading name among open-ended investment companies.

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Experience in setting up various entity types for open-ended funds;

  • Public limited companies.
  • Private companies.
  • Listed companies.
  • Unit Trusts.
  • Protected cell companies.
  • Incorporated cell companies.
  • Special purpose vehicles.

We provide;

  • Daily Net Asset Value Calculation.
  • Shareholder Dealing/Transfer Agency.
  • Online Shareholder Enquiries.
  • Compliance Services.
  • Custodian relationships.

Custody – Investment Giro Services

We provide an investment Giro service to execute buy and sell orders on various stock exchanges. In the IQ-EQ Giro portal, the Account Holder will find an overview of their portfolio providing a non-bank, administrative account on which investments and transactions are registered.

If you are an existing client using this service, please click here to visit our IQ-EQ Giro website to access your dedicated client portal.

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