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We are an Investor Services provider that assists global asset managers in establishing and operating UCITS & AIF structures across Europe. As part of IQ-EQ, our scale and global reach ensure our clients remain compliant with all legislation and jurisdictional regulations across diverse sectors and asset classes. We offer clients market leading technology which we can tailor to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer a hosted or standalone fund solution, we can help you bring your fund to the European market as quickly and successfully as possible.

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  • Super ManCo - We are authorised to act as an AIFM and UCITS Management Company.
  • Portfolio Management - We are authorised to undertake portfolio management services on behalf of our clients. Our portfolio management team is experienced in managing traditional marketable securities as well as alternative assets such as real estate, private equity, credit and infrastructure. 
  • Oversight of Third-Party Funds -  We provide management company and investment management services to third-party funds with AUM in excess of €29.2 billion* and are one of the leading providers of real estate fund services in Ireland.
  • Global Network - Our experienced team of local experts has access to the global network and broad resources of IQ-EQ Group

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*Figure relates to IQ EQ Fund Management (Ireland) Limited. Figure provided as at 30 September 2022.


  • IQ-EQ is a fully authorised AIFM supervised by the CSSF (competent authority responsible for the financial regulation in Luxembourg) and is a one-stop-shop for Investment Fund Clients with AIFM Management company services (Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Valuation service, AIFM Reporting), Administration Services (Accounting/NAV calculation, transfer agent services, domiciliation and corporate services, provision of resident directors and substance solutions) and depositary services (depositary for Alternative investments, monitoring of cash accounts held with credit institutions)
  • Portfolio Management - We offer to our clients ongoing monitoring of delegated Portfolio Manager or Advisor, pre-trade controlling of investment proposals by portfolio advisor and take investment decisions
  • Risk management - We define the risk management policy, set risk profile and risk limits and offer a comprehensive risk reporting for all risk categories
  • Valuation service - We define the valuation policy, offer a valuation review for Real Estate Infrastructure, Private Equity and Debt and monitor external valuators
  • AIFM reporting - We produce regulatory AIF and AIFM reporting in defined frequency and complete the reporting to the CSSF
  • Marketing - Assistance to Marketing and pre-marketing in Europe

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IQ EQ Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A POLICIES

SFDR Disclosures


  • IQ-EQ operates both a full scope and small scope AIFM in the UK (G10 Capital and Sapia Partners LLP respectively)
  • Using our platform enables you to launch your fund more rapidly, knowing that you are complaint with AIFMD
  • For the full scope option we can also offer an AIF Depositary service as required by the regulations
  • Costs are fixed on a monthly basis so you can have certainty over your outgoings
  • Ideal when your investors will be UK domiciled
  • We take care of ongoing risk management and regulatory reporting and can utilise a secondment model to facilitate portfolio management

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  • Equitis has 20 years’ experience in Fund Hosting
  • Our AIFM services offer easy access to the European market and its regulatory controlled environment to alternative EU and non-EU investors
  • Our state-of-the-art AIFM services are provided by an experienced, professional and collaborative team including Portfolio, Compliance & Risk managers to fulfil our regulatory obligations and are fully compliant with AMF guidelines
  • Our experienced Fund Structurers set-up the right Fund Structures, fitting our client’s needs
  • Our expertise and focus is on managing illiquid alternative asset classes, such as private equity, infrastructure, securitization, private debt, pension fund (FCPE) and funds of funds
  • We offer full suite of complementary services from Fund Administration, Valuation to Domiciliation, Accounting and Company Secretary of your SPVs
  • We work with a large range of custodians and we produce an effective oversight of the service providers
  • We offer substantial economy of scales leveraging on the size of IQ EQ group

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What is a hosted AIFM?

  • An AIFM provides portfolio management, risk management and oversight functions to an alternative investment fund (AIF), as required by the AIFMD regulation (or its UK domestic regime which is broadly equivalent)
  • Using a host AIFM allows managers to outsource the set-up, oversight and operation of an AIF to a licensed firm with experience and infrastructure
  • The host will help the fund launch, monitor valuations, monitor the portfolio manager, perform risk management and due diligence, file Annex IV reports and provide effective ongoing governance

What are the benefits?

  • Attracts investors who can take comfort that regulatory risk is being managed
  • Speed to market
  • Allows funds to focus on their core activities whilst outsourcing operational functions to an expert
  • Access to qualified staff and high grade infrastructure
  • Transfer of knowledge to help you set up your own ManCo in future

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