Everest Challenge

In our Guernsey office, Sharon McMillan and Stuart Dowding have taken on the Everest Challenge. A month long challenge, it involves walking up Val des Terres 115 times in order to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest! The challenge raises money for two important charities, the Sarah Groves foundation, and Mind Guernsey.

Sharon took on the challenge by walking 6 laps a day (with one rogue lap a week!), 3 times at lunch and 3 after work. She successfully completed the challenge in 19 days, beating the 28 days it took her last year.

Her top tip for this challenge is consistency, doing it at the same time each day to make it become a habit. Even if you don’t feel like it, once you get out of there you’ll feel better, and anything you manage is better than not doing it at all! In this challenge it is amazing how quickly your capability for completing the laps increases. Sharon’s motivation for doing the challenge was to get back into fitness, raising money for the two charities and having done the challenge last year she knew how much she’d enjoy it. It is also a great way to get the steps in for the IQ-EQ Destination Moon Challenge!

Both Sharon and Stuart were prepared for this challenge through walking their dogs, although Stuart mentioned that his dog Mulberry doesn’t enjoy the route march around the Val des Terres!

It has been a really popular this year in the community, there are people on the hill at all times of the day completely their laps, and great to see colleagues from IQ-EQ joining them too.

Congratulations to both Sharon and Stuart for completing the challenge, and raising money for these great charities!

Everest Challenge