Elevating the power of women


By Beth O'Sullivan, Marketing Manager - Digital, Dublin

Last year I and many other female colleagues joined the Elevate programme. It was a great opportunity to learn from mentors, outside speakers and from each other. During the programme we got the option to sign up to a confidence workshop for six weeks. What I had thought would be approaching your work and career progression with confidence turned into something so much more...

We started day one with Jean (aka an angel!) who led the group with discussions that were motivating, emotional and encouraging each week. There was a common theme of our group entering in one mood and leaving much lighter and open to possibilities. It became something we all looked forward to every week and sharing became easier week by week. Not only did I and my other group members learn to re-train our thoughts and come out more confident but we also gained a group of employees from across the business we may never have met if not for the programme.

We now have a standing meeting in the calendar each month to work on the skills we were taught in these sessions but also to check in on each other and make sure everyone’s staying afloat and feels supported. It’s been great to be a part of something like this especially while working remote over the last while and connecting with colleagues in different locations

Some comments below from my group members:

“That programme was definitely a life-changer. I think about it every day, about the lessons learned as I try to apply them when I feel my mood or my confidence shifting. Sharing experience with fellow female colleagues has been invaluable in the process! Continuing to meet once a month really helps getting our confidence back up to post-workshops level. The power of women fellowship is really strong!” – Julia Foulont, Luxembourg

“The Elevate Confidence workshop was very beneficial both professionally and personally, learning different techniques to increase confidence and positivity.  As we all shared our experiences with the group, it was more personable and reflective compared to a generic training programme. Even though the course itself has ended, our group still catches up monthly and is there when needed to provide support for each other. It was a great experience and I highly recommend taking part if you get the chance.” – Joanne McClelland, Belfast

“When I applied for the internal Elevate programme, I did not expect it to be the best decision I made in a very long time. I was fortunate to join the most fabulous, generous bunch of women so full of compassion and support and so ready to open up about their own personal experiences in order to help the others in the group. I know it is clichéd but it truly was a case of women elevating women and it is powerful force and has had a transformative effect on me personally and professionally in a very short space of time.” – Maeve O’Malley, Shannon

“I found the Elevate Confidence workshop very insightful and would highly recommend to anyone that may have the opportunity to attend in future. Both Jean and Helen really added to the workshop with their complete honesty which helped us all to be at ease. I think it’s fair to say that each one of us gained a huge amount in the area most needed personally. The women that attended were very open and we now have a monthly follow up call which is a great check in with everyone. I feel I could reach out to anyone of these girls if needed in future so lovely to now call them friends as well as colleagues.” – Sharon Coughlan, Belfast