debt restructuring

When looking to refinance debt in a rapidly changing and challenging market, you need support from a service provider with the expertise and knowledge to provide tailored debt restructuring solutions.

Whether you are a corporate, a financial institution or a sovereign/supranational or agency and whether your transaction is investment grade or distressed, we are here to ensure everything progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Our range of services includes:

  • Assisting issuers on the best approach to restructuring
  • Assisting issuers on how to approach investors, and their likely response
  • Assisting legal counsel with mechanics and documentation
  • Acting as information agent and coordinator for all investors and intermediaries
  • Conducting bond/loan holder identification in advance of launch
  • Supplying investors with all information throughout the process
  • Providing a secure online facility for investors
  • Managing and driving investor feedback with real-time facility
  • Assisting issuers on ESG requirements where necessary
  • Ensuring the smooth and efficient flow of information between clearing house, issuers and investors