IQ-EQ’s Corporate and Social Responsibility Commitment

IQ-EQ Corporate Social Responsibility

IQ, our intelligence, helps us to think. But EQ is more instinctive and helps us to live and work together. When both work together positive things can really start to happen.

At IQ-EQ we believe in the power of people. We believe that people and a real understanding of one another’s needs, can achieve things that individuals working alone, no matter how intelligent, couldn’t even dream of.

Make it happen

Our people work collaboratively to solve problems and create solutions, they are the driving force behind our CSR initiatives. Across our organisation they are actively involved in their local communities and passionate about championing causes close to their hearts. 

Our community involvement

We believe in diversity and inclusion. People matter. We are committed to making positive changes. Our people have a real connection with the charities they support and help in a number of ways, whether it is fundraising, giving their time or drawing on our own people’s expertise. Together we have a common goal and that is to make a positive impact.

Collectively we support over 30 charities and here are just a few we would like to share with you;



We recognise that education is a collective responsibility. It helps reduce poverty and promotes equality. Not everyone is given the same opportunities. Education enlightens and inspires and can make a real difference to people’s lives and we are dedicated to playing our part.


We are committed to making improvements to the management of our environmental impact on our planet whether at work, home, locally or globally. We are all in this together and are dedicated to our quest, to preserve our planet.


Together we are more

We would love to know more
about your charity.

If your charity focus fits with ours and you would like to be considered as one of our charities of the year why not get in touch? We are always interested in hearing about new charity initiatives and how you think we might add value.

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