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Structured finance and securitisation

The world of capital markets, structured finance and securitisation can be complex.

From deal conception to pricing and closing, you need to consider relevant regulatory, accounting and tax compliance requirements. Our professionals provide transaction and accounting support, from the structuring phase straight through to the closing, for a range of structured finance transactions and associated corporate structures and underlying assets.  We can act as share trustee to hold the shares in nominee structures or as security trustee, protecting the interests of the noteholders in your transactions.

Our structured finance and securitisation global team has experience of dealing with asset backed transactions (ABS/CMBS/RMBS), collateralised transactions (CDO,CLO, CBO) including synthetic transactions, corporate bond issuance together with project/infrastructure finance transactions and trade receivable deals.  Our professionals are experts in their local regions and like to get involved with you at the outset, in analysing the best vehicle for your concept.  Upon closing, we provide transaction, governance and accounting support for a range of structured finance transactions and associated corporate structures and underlying assets.  The depth of our experience allows us to support a wide breath of structured finance deals.

Our services include;

SPV services

  • Provision of highly experienced and qualified directors.
  • Management of the post-transaction liquidation/winding up of structure.
  • Note registrar.
  • Provision of registered office.
  • Safekeeping of relevant documents.
  • Share Trustee services and Shareholder incorporation.

Bond Trustee

  • Act as trustee on structured finance transactions where the noteholders interest must be represented and protected.
  • Review of initial transaction documentation prior to closing such as prospectus and trust deed.
  • Ensure any issuer complies with reporting obligations of the trust deed.
  • Act on behalf of the note holders when events of default occur.
  • Arrange and manage note holders meetings where necessary to seek their approval.
  • Act as managing director of a foundation of note holders.
  • Provide domiciliation for a foundation of note holders.
  • Maintain a register of note holders and other related registers.
  • Preparation of trustee reports and provision of annual compliance statements.

Other trustee services

  • Note Trustee.
  • Security Trustee.
  • Share Trustee.

Other services

  • Calculation agent.
  • Escrow services.
  • Paying Agent.
  • Collateral Agent.
  • Loan Agent.
  • Loan administration.

Regulatory and tax compliance

We have international tax services professionals with extensive experience on cross-border transactions and business operations, in various countries.

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