Special purpose acquisition company (SPAC)

Special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) has recently become a very popular structure, attracting big-name underwriters and investors and raising a record amount of IPO money.

In 2020, SPACs raised close to $100 billion in public offerings which, according to SPACInsider, represents a 320 percent increase in the number of SPAC IPOs compared to 2019.

Our team has been involved in a number of SPAC deals both in the US and in Europe and has recently support Pegasus Europe . Having successfully raised €500 million in a private placement, Pegasus is the largest European SPAC to date.

We can support you throughout the SPAC process and our services include:

  • Registered Office Services

  • Company formation

  • Corporate Secretarial and Board Support Services

  • AML Compliance Services

  • Regulatory Reporting Services (including tax compliance)

  • Accounting Services and Audit Support

  • Website set-up and administration

  • HR services

  • ESCROW services

  • Payroll services

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