CFO Secondment Services in France

With 35 years in-depth knowledge and experience of dealing with alternative funds, our team provides services tailored around your strategic goals and administrative requirements. Our CFO secondment services provides turnkey access to leading specialists, volume activation or reporting support without the HR recruitment burden or its associated costs.

We ensure you always have access to the right expertise and resources at the right time and cost, without being distracted from critical strategic opportunities. A trusted partner and dedicated team built around your needs, ensuring consistent support, service levels and expertise, for short-term initiatives or long-term requirements. Our bespoke services include:

Outsourcing of:

  • CFO / financial controller roles
  • Permanent or interim
  • All tasks handled by the finance department of the management companies
  • Fund raising assistance 
  • Bespoke assistance (subscription agreement, Q&A from LPs etc.)
  • Perform KYC / AML procedures
  • Register of beneficial owner, filing FACTA / CRS reporting,  LPs services (portal, dataroom, etc.)
  • Compliance services (equity regulated ratio, investment tax ratios, etc.)
  • A proven track record of supporting the CFO function and financial departments of investment firms and managed companies

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