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Job Description

The position oversees the non-living resources of the company, including office equipment and facilities. The Office Manager is responsible for ensuring that all required permits and certificates to run equipment or operate a facility are in place and regularly updated.  

As an Office Manager, you will need to ensure operations run smoothly within departments such as information and data processing, mail, materials, and equipment scheduling and distribution, records management, communication management, security, housekeeping, logistics services, and may support the facilities team around workspace capacity, office sustainability, BCP (Business Continuity Plan), health and safety. 

The Office Manager performs various supervisory and administrative activities supporting the department's business operation. This position oversees and supervises the administrative task to ensure all departmental administrative activities are executed and in alignment with business goals and objectives. 

You will have a regular touch point with the Human Resources, Information Technology, and Finance team around procurement administration & management to ensure the company is compliant, sustainable, and spending efficiently. 

We want the IQEQ office to provide ease and safety to all employees to optimize the team's performance. If you think you will be able to help the team in getting to that goal, you are the one we need.  


Role and Responsibilities: 



  • Oversees and administers the day-to-day activities of the office 

  • Coordinates and attends committee meetings, and participates in committee discussions, as appropriate. 

  • Prepares admin reports for the management. 

  • Conduct admin/facilities onboarding inductions to new hires. 

  • Participate in annual audit activities with Finance team conducted by external auditors. 

  • Supervise daily security operations with facilities supervisor 

  • Supervise the daily utilities cleaning operations and messenger tasks. 

  • Validates daily time records (DTR) of security and housekeeping personnel in coordination with its respective agencies. 

  • Manage company’s petty cash fund (PCF) disbursement and replenishment, will act as custodian of PCF. 

  • Manage office supplies of the following stocks and inventories; always ensure sufficient stocks. Manages the timely preparation of requisition and storage of office supplies, and issuance to department requestor and checking the billings from the suppliers. 

    • Stationery supplies 

    • Pantry supplies

    • Cleaning supplies

    • Company Merchandise 

  • Manage gate pass, work permit and other requirement paper works from Building Admin to ensure smooth ingress and egress of materials, services, and/or any activity of the company. 

  • Oversee and manage the admin officer to ensure the company asset management, and compliance of office permit & licenses are up to date. 

  • Liaise with legal compliance team on regulatory discussions or issues that may arise that involves the team. 

  • May support the foreign national visa facilitations, coordination with external legal if necessary 



  • Responsible for buying non-IT items and services (such as but not limited to furniture & fixtures, Office Supplies, office maintenance, etc.) and ensuring that suppliers comply with legal and company policies. 

  • Manage procurement internal processes, such as adding new suppliers and ensuring they are compliant. 

  • Manage good relationship with the suppliers, comprehensive pricing, and supplier’s deliverables. 

  • Ensuring that supply chains are sustainable and ethical to ensure the company does not break the law or maintain the company image. 

  • Working closely with Group Marketing around company merchandise, ensure that supplier will meet the standard specifications and manage the proofing of the products. 

  • Responsible for making sure that the quality, quantity, specifications, etc. of the delivered orders are aligned with its PO and Invoice before performing good receipt of the deliveries. 

  • Manage canvass matrix preparation for budget approver’s ease of reference and assessment of different costings. 

  • Responsible for reviewing the Purchase Order raised in NetSuite System and ensuring that the approvals from the budget owner were secured before executing them. 

  • Validates monthly, quarterly, and annual billings of all office services and maintenance against the confirmed commercial rates, order forms, proposals, and quotes. 



  • Crafting policies, guidelines, and systems of the Administrative and Facilities Department which ensure productive and efficient office operation 

  • Ensure that the policies in place are being implemented and adhered to, whilst also updated as business priorities and legislation changes 

  • Documenting Department’s Standard Operations Procedures 

  • Crafting Department’s memorandum or correspondence 

  • Involve in crafting joint policies between 2 or more different departments 

  • Manage communications with outside department’s contacts and vendors 

  • Manage a wide range of administrative support and requires contact interaction with the team to resolve a variety of technical issues 



  • Oversee contracts that Admin & Facilities are involved with, understand the advantages and pitfalls of contract and be familiar with contract details. 

  • Liaising with technical personnel, financial team, legal compliance, data privacy officer, information security team, and vendor/service provider’s representatives in discussing, reviewing, and negotiating the terms of the contract. 

  • Build and maintain relationships with vendors 

  • Maintain contract-related documents and correspondence 

  • Present contract information to relevant parties 

  • Keep track of contracts and extend, renew, or cancellation/termination 

  • Assist with the company’s compliance with mandatory standards in contract’s terms and conditions. 



  • Oversee the management of electronic and/or paper-based records/documents design, develop, and maintain physical/electronic filing systems of the Admin & Facilities team 

  • Respond to information enquiries, giving appropriate access to information 

  • Manage team’s information/records database, monitoring, and trackers 

  • Maintain the following centralized electronic document repository: 

  • Contract repository 

  • Permits and licenses repository 

  • Legal and other regulatory documents 



  • Manage the following inbound, outbound, and reverse logistics: 

  • IT equipment that supports WFH/Hybrid work arrangements 

  • Bankcards and other parcels 

  • COVID Care Kit 

  • Shuttle service of employees for the purposes of such as but not limited to vaccination program, modern workplace migration initiatives, visa visit for secondees, company events, etc. 

  • Guests' accommodations and airport transfers 

  • Inbound logistics for returning secondees only if necessary  



  • Manage the following inbound, outbound, and reverse logistics: 

  • Maintains and updates vendor database that consist of suppliers/service provider’s contact details and information 

  • Keeps and manage the due diligence and compliance documents of transacted vendors 

  • Manage onboarding of new suppliers/vendors that Admin & Facilities are involved with.  

  • Maintain good relationship with the vendors 

  • Manage performance review of the active vendors that are involved in Admin & Facilities transactions and activities such as but not limited to Security, Housekeeping, IT resources, other applicable distributors/resellers, etc. 

  • Ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the active binding contracts 

  • Monitors and reminds the service provider on their late billings 

  • Liaising with Finance team to ensure on time payment 



  • Liaising with Finance team to ensure on time payment 

  • Establish and maintain an information management to facilitate information exchange in the promotion of data and information standard 

  • Design develop and manage, spreadsheets and other data tools; understand, document, and ensure the quality of high value of data for accuracy, consistency, and comparability 

  • Maintain a repository of data and ensure that the data are documented and accessible to all authorized stakeholders. 



  • Provide technical assistance and troubleshooting for hardware, software, and network-related issues. 

  • Install, configure, and maintain computer systems, printers, and other peripherals. 

  • Manage user accounts, permissions, and access rights. 

  • Conduct regular backups and ensure data security. 



  • Liaising with Finance team to ensure on time payment 

  • Solid experience in Office Administration Management  

  • Experience in procurement management, records, information, communication management, security, housekeeping, logistics services 

  • Education / Professional Qualifications (relevant to industry) 

  • Company and or financial market awareness 

  • Able to take instruction 

  • Work to agreed formats and standards 

  • Work accurately and in a timely manner 

  • Raise issues relevant to assigned tasks 

  • Be able to work within any area of the department as required by current workloads 

  • To assist in any one-off projects as requested by line manager 


Additional information

At IQ-EQ we want you to reach your full potential. We offer an inclusive and diverse environment to support your career aspirations, with a strong emphasis on continuous learning and a holistic approach to your professional and personal development. We also offer opportunities across our service lines and our international network of offices.

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IQ-EQ is a leading Investor Services group which combines global expertise with an unwavering focus on client service delivery. We support fund managers, global companies, family offices and private clients worldwide.

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