Get to know our people


At IQ-EQ we believe in the power of our people. We know that the future success of the business world, and not just our business, relies on people with different perspectives, experiences, knowledge and skills. We value everyone, and all the unique attributes they bring.

At IQ-EQ we are all agents of change and committed to transforming our futures together. Many of our colleagues have shared their experiences so far.

'I had been through a number of different positions within IQ-EQ before I found what I enjoyed and what I am good at, as well as where I could make the most impact.' Read about Alex's journey here.

Alex Stickler
Investor Solutions Commercial Manager

'Be prepared to meet great people, take on a variety of different tasks, learn a lot and have a good time doing so!' Read more about Eloise's journey here.

Eloise Collins
Marketing Officer

'Honestly it was a seamless transition from a professional perspective. The management and team I have led have been fantastic, very welcoming and keen to ensure we can meet all Group requirements.' Read more about Grant's journey here.

Grant Dawson
Chief Operating Officer, Asia

'I still find it as interesting today as I did when I started out. You never know what is going to transpire throughout the day and every day is completely different – it really is.' Read more about Lorraine here.

Lorraine Wheeler
Director, Private Wealth

'With such a dynamic range of training programmes, plentiful opportunities to take on new responsibility, and clear support for each employee’s personal goals, I hope to enjoy a long and fruitful career with IQ-EQ.' Read about Steph's journey here.

Steph Vidamour
Senior Trust Administrator

'I think the best piece of advice I could give to someone thinking of switching careers would be to look at what you value, what interests you the most and what your skills are.' Read more about Jordan's career journey here.

Jordan Wyllie

'I have a great team; everyone gets on extremely well and we have a fantastic, appreciative client base, which makes the days go really quickly.' Read about Stacy's journey here.

Stacy Withe
Director, Funds & Institutional