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Securitisation transactions, whether backed by mortgages, consumer loans or vehicle leases, can present a range of complex problems for issuers and their advisers. From deal conception to pricing and closing, you need to consider relevant regulatory, accounting and tax compliance requirements. 

With a team of 55 across all key locations in Europe, the US and Asia, our flexibility and agility mean we can handle smaller private or warehouse transactions through to multi-tranche, multi-currency benchmarks.

We use Allvue—one of the leading industry technology platforms—-for securitisation transactions.

We have in-depth knowledge of the full range of asset-backed, synthetic and covered bond transactions, alongside corporate bond issuance, project finance, aircraft finance and trade receivable deals.

We have the experience, the technology and the expertise to support any transaction throughout its lifecycle, ensuring all aspects run smoothly and cost-effectively. 

We tailor our transactional support to your needs.  

Calculation agent

Calculate fees, interest and principal payments from the collateral portfolio which follow a predetermined schedule, as detailed in the transaction terms and conditions

Collateral administration

  • Maintain the register of lenders throughout the life of the collateral (loans, receivables)
  • Calculate interest
  • Ensure payments of principal from lender(s) to borrower(s) on closing, and from borrower(s) to lender(s) during the life of the collateral

Corporate bond issuance and project finance transactions

We offer the full range of corporate services to:

  • Financial institutions
  • Corporates
  • Sovereigns, supra-nationals, agencies
  • Funds

ESG services

  • Collect and compile ESG data
  • Provide ESG analysis and reporting
  • Draft ESG and impact performance reports


Act as a trusted third party which holds certain assets until a transaction or defined milestones have been finalised

Reporting services

Prepare investor, tax and regulatory reporting, including ECB, ESMA, CRS, FATCA and EMIR

SPV services

  • Establish SPV
  • Incorporate shareholder(s)
  • Provide highly experienced and qualified directors
  • Provide registered office
  • Provide corporate secretarial services
  • Provide financial/management accounting and reporting
  • Coordinate all audits
  • Prepare and file all relevant taxes (VAT and corporate income tax)
  • Safeguard relevant documents
  • Cash management
  • Maintain note registrar
  • Manage the post-transaction liquidation/ winding up of structures
  • Central bank filings

Trustee and agency services

  • Act as a note, security or share trustee/agent on structured finance transactions where the noteholders’ interest must be represented and protected
  • Review of initial transaction documentation prior to closing such as prospectus and trust deed
  • Ensure any issuer complies with the reporting obligations of the trust deed
  • Act on behalf of the noteholders when events of default occur
  • Arrange and manage noteholders’ meetings where required to seek their approval
  • Act as managing director of a foundation representing noteholders
  • Maintain a register of noteholders and other related registers
  • Prepare trustee reports and provide  annual compliance statements