(Be) The Rose That Grew From Concrete

International Women's Day

Joyce Sarandi
Senior Accountant

Joyce Sarandi

It is International Women's Day and achievements are again celebrated. Be it big or small, grand or common, anything and everything can be equally hailed.

There are several women I find inspiring. They have advocacy, character and wit that I truly admire. Some I have adopted or try to emulate, others, I consider as examples to keep going. Here are some:

Greta Thunberg’s call for action on climate change have made me consciously take steps to reduce wastes or carbon footprint domestically. Still a long way ahead but I think it is a start. Before, it does not feel easy to choose environment-friendly ways on everyday life. But maybe the best way is to just start. It may not be as radical as her ways, but maybe it could still make a difference.
Emma Watson’s ideals on Our Shared Shelf – her book club sharing thought-provoking books on equality, among others, made me even more amazed with her way of thinking. I have not read much of the books that they recommend, but I learned that simply sharing your thoughts with others could make you learn something new in return.
Natalie Portman being vegan and advocate of women’s rights. I think this is also something along the lines of what my friend do being someone working for peace process. I also have friends that love to volunteer and do something for the community. And especially, women friends who always have my back, ready to cheer me on or reign me in, as applicable.
Tupac Shakur had a collection of poems called “The Rose That Grew From Concrete”*. I think this fits for #IWD2021 for me. It is about reaching your goals despite the circumstances you are in. So the most important thing on talking about women who inspire are the women in my life that I consider have conquered the “concrete”. For me, these are my grandmother and mother. Our life is not ideal, but they made it easier for us. I think they are about the toughest women I know.

There may not be one specific woman that inspire me through and through, but I am indeed influenced by these women's strong suit on certain aspects of my life.

*This is also quoted in The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas.

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