I want a back office set up for my fund

As a fund manager there are many considerations in setting up and managing a fund. One decision to consider early on is whether you wish to outsource your back office function. There are many benefits such as speed to market, access to best practice reporting and technology, and sharing the back office cost with investors, while you concentrate creating value for your investors through your investment portfolio. You have the reassurance that a trusted third party is ensuring you have the correct structure in place to administer your fund in an efficient and compliant manner. You need to choose a provider that has experience with launching new funds. Consider whether you have an independent third party with the global scale and knowledge who can support your growing business across borders, regulations and asset classes.

Things to consider when setting up a back office function;

Does the third party administrator have expertise and experience with my asset class?

Providing a comprehensive service across asset classes and structures requires scale and a deep well of knowledge. Our global team combine their technical understanding of alternative funds with a proven track record in private equity, real estate, hedge, debt and credit across multiple jurisdictions. IQ-EQ provides fund services for open and closed-ended fund structures. We also know the additional operational requirements required in monitoring unlisted and listed infrastructure investments. Our fund and institutional team keeps up-to-date with emerging asset classes and we have a dynamic cryptocurrency funds team that understands digital currencies, block chain and distributed ledger technology.

As a fund manager can I access data driven fund reporting?

As a technology advances it creates a continual requirement to update and develop systems, requiring additional operational and capital requirements on your business.

Let us worry about that for you. We understand the importance of technology platforms, data analytics and data visualisation tools in fund reporting. Our approach combines one of the best in class accounting systems, FIS Investran with the best in class online visualisation technology, Tableau.  No need for in-house developers, as your fund administrator, we quickly and effectively fully bespoke your online dashboard for your particular needs and asset classes.

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Can my service provider assist with management of regulation, compliance and tax for the fund?

As a fund manager it can be hard to keep up with all the global standards, compliance obligations and reporting deadlines for your fund under the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) regulations such as FATCA and CRS. We help ease the burden and ensure you meet your fund’s regulatory and compliance obligations. Our team are experts in compliance, having worked for the regulators and with clients. We combine innovative RegTech solutions with our industry expertise to provide compliance services, including regulatory authorisation and ongoing compliance monitoring and tax compliance with FATCA and CRS.

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It is also important to ensure your funds are compliant from an investor tax reporting perspective which is a demanding and constantly evolving area. We understand the complexities and tax compliance requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

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What AIFMD services can I access for my AIFs?

Whether you are an EU or a non-EU alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) of private equity, real estate, debt and credit, hedge and other alternative investment funds (AIFs) selecting how you market to EU professional investors, is an important decision.  IQ-EQ has the specialist expertise and resources to support you develop your business in Europe whilst meeting the requirements of AIFMD. We provide a range of AIFMD regulatory compliant services for EU and Non-EU AIFs in the areas of depositary, risk management, portfolio management, compliance and investment committee services.

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Providing such a comprehensive funds and institutional service requires scale and a deep well of knowledge. It’s why we have offices in 15 key fund centres, across four continents. We have the skills and the tools to support you throughout a fund’s lifecycle, from launch through to investment realisation or at any stage in between.  We know that you will need different services at different stages of your fund’s lifecycle.  Whatever stage your fund is at, we have the expertise to fully support your needs wherever you operate from and wherever you domicile your structures.  We can coordinate the whole project. We can also work with you to tailor our services to your specific reporting requirements.