An Act of Kindness in Tobaco City

Our Manila office recently ran a competition called ‘Acts of Kindness’, which encouraged entrants to share a photo and explanation of one of their recent kind gestures. Many different acts of kindness were submitted, one of those from Rhea Arat, who provided snacks to children whilst travelling.

This is me and my college friends travelling within the province of Bicol in July 2019. We rented a car and the driver told us that whenever he went back there, he always visited a small community in Tobaco City, Albay. He loved to help the children and they always looked forward to the Manong driver’s return as he shared a small portion of his earnings to buy food for them. Touched by his story, we decided to include in our itinerary a trip to Mayon Planetarium and Science Park so we could also visit the children as they were living near there. We brought a lot of “Tig pipisong sitsirya” (one peso worth of snacks) to distribute to them as suggested by the Manong driver. They could not even afford to buy one from a Sari-sari convenience store. When we got there, we were surrounded by these children, even their parents joined us! We chatted, took photos and played with them for a short period of time. The food we brought was not a lot, it’s not even healthy! But you can see in their faces and how grateful they are that there are some strangers giving them food. That was the first time we did this and we felt so good to be able help no matter how small. I hope we can do this again in our future travels.

act of kindness